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Empowering Women on the Alopecia Spectrum


Empowering Women with Hair Loss

We founded Lady Behind the Wig with one goal in mind: the goal of female empowerment. 


Losing your hair is devastating for most people.  Michelle should know, she has suffered with hair loss for at least 20 years. She knows quite well how it is to feel as if your world is caving in and you are losing your femininity.  For many years she has searched to find options to grow her hair or hide hair loss. It is her belief that in order for women to maintain their beauty with or without hair, their beauty must radiate from within. 


At Lady Behind the Wig, we design wigs that allow you to feel more confident while dealing with your hair loss.  We also seek to empower and educate women on the Alopecia Spectrum by offering transformational Alopecia Coaching. 


Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. We know that dealing with hair loss is a very sensitive issue, therefore every moment of your encounter with us counts.  

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